Selasa, 21 Januari 2014

Contoh Soal Islamic Studies


Mata Kuliah              : Islamic Studies
Dosen                         : Abdurrahman Misno BP, MEI


1.      Idolatry is a major sin that is not forgiven by Allah Ta'ala , if the perpetrator does not repent . Write down the verses of the Qur'an which is the argument of the statement !
2.     Lessons created jinn and humans is that they worship only Allah Ta'ala alone as QS . Adh - Dzariyat : 56 . Harmony and acceptance of the terms mentioned acts of worship !
3.    What is the nature of faith ? How to apply faith in Allah Ta'ala and His Apostle in everyday life ?
4.    What are the elements contained in the faith in the Day of Judgment ? Mention the small signs of the coming Day of Judgment !
5.     Two schools of thought on the issue of destiny is Jabriyah and Qadariyah , specify the characteristics of each of them !
6.     Al - Wala was every Muslim loyalty to Islam , sedangnkan Al - Baro ' is the attitude of a Muslim distanced themselves against all forms of shirk and the perpetrators . How do I apply Al - Wala wal Bara in everyday life ?
7.     Ghazwul Fikri ( war of ideas ) has occurred since the presence of jinn and human beings on this earth . He continues to emerge many ideologies that are contrary to Islamic values ​​. Mention the concrete steps as a solution so that we could survive the ghazwul Fikri ( war of ideas ) in the present !

Good Luck, May Allah Bless You

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