Selasa, 23 Juni 2015

Sociologi of Islamic Law

The Samples of Question 

1.      Sociology of Islamic law is reviewing the courses on Islamic law in the perspective of sociology. What do you think about the benefits of this course!
2.      The Islamic law is the rule of Allah Ta'ala for all mankind, it is composed of elements that sharia, fiqh, Qanun, Fatwa. What is the difference of the fourth? Give an example of each!
3.      Islam forbids usury explicitly in the Qur'an and Sunnah. In addition it is also illegitimate because it will cause a negative impact to the community. Name three negative effects for the economy in the community usury!
4.      Pledge or Rahn in Islam emerged as the contract tabaru '(social), but this time he became a contract tijari (business). One practice Rahn in Bogor society is a pawn actors (rahin) disadvantaged because of the absence of restrictions in the contract so that the recipient pawn (murtahin) take advantage of the wealth Rahn. What solutions do you offer in this regard?
5.      Money changer is now urgently needed by the community, especially when one is abroad. If the transaction money changer views of Islamic law sosisologi then it is permissible because of the human needs. What do you think about this?
6.      Murabaha Akad be excellent in Islamic financial institutions because it is easy to apply. How social background in the time of the Prophet which allow this agreement?
7.      Change the age and complexity of the various development needs of the community led to Islamic law, including in the allocation of mustahiq charity. Mention eight mustahik thought development charity in the past and present! Why change the law it happen?
8.      Waqf endowment money into a new kind that has not existed before, the contemporary Muslim scholars allow it with some requirements. What is the wisdom of allowing cash endowments?

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